Training Services

I am able to offer training in various aspects of computer software development. My specialties are as follows:

  • Basic Web Development: HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), Content Management Systems (CMS), domains, hosting, and editing and uploading your work
  • Intermediate Web Development: Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Advanced HTML and CSS, organizing your website
  • Basic Programming and Software Development: Programming, PC and general computer architecture and organization
  • Intermediate Software Development: C, PHP, Pascal, testing strategies, revision control
  • Advanced Software Development: Object-Oriented Design and Programming, C++

My philosophy is simple: to teach and encourage you to attain the confidence you need to program a computer or set up a website. Even if you have no plans on becoming a professional software developer, you will learn to set up your own website, write your first computer program, or achieve whatever other goal is appropriate for you. And, learning to program will train your mind to help you solve complex problems, which is a good skill for anyone to have!


My training rates are determined by a number of factors, as follows:

  • How far I need to travel to meet with you
  • The level of skills being taught
  • Your goals and level of education
  • Class size

Based on the factors above, my hourly rate starts at $50 per hour, and possibly more to handle special circumstances.