Front-end Web Development

Vizlogix provides everything from javascript/jQuery functions to style sheets to HTML to create a solid and attractive front-end for your website. This website, along with other websites being developed by us in the foreseeable future, is based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap allows your website to work responsively, meaning that it will look good and work well on devices ranging from desktops to laptops to tablets to smartphones. (And, it also has these neat little shaded 3-d buttons with cool little icons on them... but I digress.)

On Design...

Whereas many web design firms flourish on creating bold, original sites for their customers, Vizlogix views design as an evolutionary rapport between client and designer. Where has your business or organization been? Where are you going? Who are your customers? Are you about tradition and history, or are you venturing forward into new realms?

Let's talk about your organization's vision and identity. As we discuss your needs, a design will begin to take shape... perhaps not immediately, and perhaps there will be some adjustments, but it will come, and you will see the exciting future of your organization's new or updated web presence begin to take shape.

Vizlogix Pricing


Product URL Description
VROOM CMS Web site The CMS used on this site
Fuel CMS Web site CodeIgniter-based CMS
WordPress Web site Popular, full-featured CMS
jQueryUI Web site jQuery UI
Twitter Bootstrap Web site Responsive UI Framework
MySQL Web site Database
Alpaca Forms Web site Alpaca Framework