About Vizlogix

About me

My name is Ken Boyer, and I have over 20 years of experience developing computer software for a wide variety of systems and applications. I am a Penn State computer science graduate, an occasional musician and artist, and a former theology student with a Master of Theological Studies degree from a local seminary. My earlier venture under the name Vizlogix focused on my dream of developing and selling a powerful software engineering tool. Eventually, I discovered that I was building something that did not have a large market. So, when business efforts yield lemons, it's a good time to make some lemonade.

Why the name?

Visual... Logical... Logic can be visually appealing. Visual appeal can be based on sound logic. (And, I had to find a name that wasn't used.) Vizlogix is more than an animated user interface, more than artistic web design, more than appealing graphics. Vizlogix builds upon solid software design and development principles using powerful languages and up-to-date frameworks. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Vizlogix provides the words that go along with the picture.

How I can help

To me, part of the job of a software developer is to help a client figure out what they really need, since it is sometimes different from what they think they need, which is often based on what they were stuck with using, or just accustomed to using, before. Let's meet and discuss your particular needs for a website or web application.

"Who's 'we,' sucka?"*

So, if I'm a solo freelancer, who is the "we" used throughout the site? Well, website development is a cooperative effort between me and my client, for one thing. I also reserve the right to hire others to help me with parts of the work that need to be performed for your site. Finally, most of the software that I use is open source; that is, it is freely shared on the internet, and I and many others benefit from the wide availability of such tools. I often need to modify and enhance it, but the vast majority of the work has already been done for me. So, yes, it's a big "we."

* Of course, the quote above comes from the 1983 movie "Dirty Harry: Sudden Impact." Harry's answer to the question is, "Smith, Wesson, and me," whereupon he proceeds to almost empty his .44 Magnum revolver into the uncooperative assailants.