An Overview of our Services and Capabilities

What can Vizlogix do for you? Below, you will find a basic explanation of how we can help you with regards to your website. If you click on the link at the bottom of this section, you will find a brief explanation of what it might cost.

Get There from Here

If you own or run a business or other institution, you need a website. Even the simplest website will help you and your organization reach new customers, interact with your local community, and enhance your chances for success in your endeavors. And, while it is possible to "roll your own," you need to ask yourself how often you do likewise with other activities in your busy life:

  • Do you fix your own car?
  • Do you dry-clean your own clothes?
  • Do you repair your own appliances?

You may be surprised to discover that you can hire a competent professional to build you a website for the same amount of money as, or even far less than, the last time you had someone repair your car's transmission. And, that's certainly not a task for the average car owner.

Custom Made for You

Vizlogix strives to serve our customers with solid solutions, adapted to their specific needs, market, and budget. We have also learned to stay within the boundaries of our capabilities. It may be exhilarating to tackle large, overly-ambitious projects, but everyone ends up taking longer and paying more than they planned in the end. We have learned that it is best to do a few things well, instead of many things not so well. Therefore, if we find that your project falls outside our capabilities, we will tell you up front and recommend others who may be better equipped to suit your needs.

Vizlogix Pricing

Types of Web Development Providers

Web design and development companies can be classified as follows:

  1. Those with a strong business and marketing sense
  2. Those with an emphasis on leading-edge artistic development and graphics
  3. Those with a focus on the technical aspects and tools of web development

Vizlogix falls primarily in the third category, with some measure of capabilities in the other two. What you will get from us is a nice-looking, solid, and usable site that will grow with you and your organization into the future. You may find that, while leading-edge web design firms can easily provide original and compelling artwork, the premium you pay for such work may eclipse your fundamental need of a modern, well-organized, and functional website. You may want to ask yourself: am I growing and managing an organization, or making an artistic statement?