E-commerce Development

Vizlogix can solve your e-commerce needs. Almost any business or organization can benefit from the availability of an online catalog of products and services, which may or may not also be sold directly through the website. Such capabilities are often called "shopping carts," though technically the overall feature is referred to as "e-commerce," which stands for "electronic commerce." Our CMS has basic e-commerce capability built-in, though generally each customer will need some customizations that will adjust it to your business processes, credit card processing needs, etc.

More than just a PayPal Site

Vizlogix has built sites using both PayPal and First Data credit card processing web services. We have also built sites that access services like zip2tax for accessing reliable and up-to-date sales tax information based on address and ZIP code. Anyone can say they provide an online shopping experience; however, can they also work with the code and iron out the problems that might emerge with performing remote procedure calls to these credit card services, while making sure that your customers' credit card numbers remain confidential?

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