We're more than Web Development

Vizlogix can help you with more than just software and web development. Whether it's creating and organizing technical documentation, figuring out a way to put a computer into a small space or an unusual location, or creating graphics or logos for your business or product, Vizlogix can help.

Technical Writing

Vizlogix generates technical documentation, as well as other forms of written content. Years of experience developing precise requirements and design documentation for medical devices and similar systems can be harnessed for your specific business needs.

Technology Solution Provider

Often, a particular situation warrants the use of specific technology, including high-performance databases, sensors and actuators, and compact servers. Vizlogix has the know-how and experience to work with you on your particular technology needs. And, if we don't, chances are we know someone who does and can refer you to them.


If you need a logo and don't know where to start, yet you are not ready to shell out big bucks to a firm specializing in logo design, let us run a few ideas past you. You may be pleasantly surprised. Keep in mind that, these days, logos need to be more than a letterhead or something that fills the blank space on a business card. How will some form of it look on the browser tab for your website?

And, yes, we created our own logos.

Training and Tutoring

If you or a student you know is in need of tutoring or training in the ways of programming and computers, we are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience. Please see our pages on training and tutoring.